Solar collectors, PROPULS SOLAR s.r.o.

Product Description:

Solar collectors Suntime are flat-plate collector of new generation using the most modern materials, which ensure long life expectancy and high energy gain. Solar collectors are environmentally friendly, supposed life expectancy is 30 years, 5 years’ warranty.

Other information:

Solar collectors are designed for solar systems with natural or forced circulation of the heat-carrying media with year-long operation. They are used for hot water heating in family houses or blocks of flats, additional heating or heating of pools. We offer a complete supply of ecological heating systems in a combination of solar systems with heat pumps.

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Company Head Office:

S.K.Neumana 2793
530 02

Czech Republic


Contact Persons:

Ing. Jaroslav Oliva
business director
Tel.: +420 777 770 992
Fax: +420 469 312 037

language Used:
czech, slovak, polish
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Bc. Silvie Vohralíková
business manager for abroad
Tel.: +420 777 770 986
Fax: +420 469 312 037

language Used:
czech, english
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Solar collectors Solar collectors Solar collectors Solar collectors Solar collectors


Product Name: Solar collectors
Product Brand: SUNTIME
Production Amount: subject of agreement Minimum Delivery Amount: subject of agreement
Unit Price: according to the current pricelist

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